On every mission trip there’s always a new challenge. We tend to worry about how things will take place when god already has it under control. So we keep our eyes open for God sightings, here is a short story of what we did our last trip. dr baby

dr orphange“Our goal is to reach people in the community. We know they have a need and we wanted to meet that need. We wanted to provide not only physical food but spiritual food as well. We had a budget that allowed us to feed 10 families. We invited them to the orphanage for a bible study and they came the next day. We welcomed them and had our study. After the study, we gave them a gift bag full of food, each bag included pot holder, which were made by the ladies in the sewing ministry at Calvary Chapel Troy, rice, beans, and other items included a Bible. When they learned that they had a Bible, they did nothing but praise God. They were more excited about getting Bibles then any other item. This taught me to be grateful for all the things we are blessed with here in the United States and to not take anything for granted. Our intention was to bless 10 families, however, the greatness of God is not limited to our intentions nor any earthly thing, we ended up blessing 14 families. Thank you again for all the prayers and support! We are making a difference in the lives of the people in the Dominican Republic, and we are making this difference together.”

Thank you, God bless

Carlos Carrera (head of DR Ministries at Calvary Chapel Troy)

If you have a heart for oversees missions, and specifically, South America, please see Carlos to see what you can do to bless someone in need! Matthew 25:35-40dr food bags